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Arch Enemy - Decivers (Century Media)

Recension: Katakomba - s/t (Redefining Darkness Records)

Recension: Final Light - s/t (Red Creek)

Recension: Venus Principle - Stand in your light (Prophecy)

Recension: Besvärjelsen - "Atlas" (Magnetic Eye Records)

Kortrecension: Bottlecap - "Wooden Systems" (Zorch Productions)

Recension: Novarupta - Carrion movements (Suicide Records)

Recension: Dimwind/Breaths - Seasons (split)

Avlyssnat: Meshuggah - Immutable (Ward Records/Atomic Fire)

Recension: Eucharist - I Am the Void (Regain Records)

Curator Of Taste: Norna | Sonic Assault | Venom Prison | Eliminator| Urzah

Recension: Nekromant - Temple Of Haal

Recension: Grand Cadaver - Into The Maw Of Death (Majestic Mountain Records)


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